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Merry Christmas… The world didn’t end after all.

Mayan apocalypse: Syndey, Australia

So the world was meant to end today 21/12/2012. To be honest, some thoughts did go through my mind concerning what would happen if the world was to come to an end. What would I have achieved? Would it all have been worth it? What would happen next?

I never took the prediction seriously and for me it was much ado about nothing. I already knew the stupid prediction was actually a misinterpretation of a Mayan calendar and even if I did not know that, my Christian Faith dictates that the end would come like a thief in the night, no one knowing when it comes (Matthew 24:36).

Basically, according to the calendar, before the 21st we were in the 13th Baktun and it was to come to an end on 20/12/12. At this time, the world would not end but we would cross into the 14th Baktun, kind of like crossing from the year 1999 to the year 2000. But being humans we like adding the extra drama to such events, so people immediately jumped on a verb in the inscription on the tablet found in Tortuguero that said “It will happen” to mean the end of the world; quite a jump.

google doodle mayan

But it’s not the first time something of this sort has occurred. Who remembers the “Y2K bug” and all the energy and money wasted on preventing a worldwide collapse of computers? We crossed into the new millennium and nothing happened. I remember happily watching Tarzan and eating peanuts on that day. Then there’s Harold Camping and his rapture predictions. First he said it would happen sometime during the month of September 1994 and nothing happened. Then he said it would be on the 21st of October 2011, nothing happened.

But the one I like best is the video released this week of Vladimir Putin mathematically deciphering when the world would end. He gave all of us under the next 4.5 billion years to exist before it’s all over. He said “The functioning cycle of our light source, the sun, is 7 or 14 billion years. We are now in the middle. I think a total of 7 billion or 4.5 billion have already passed. So in 7 billion… in 4.5 billion years everything will end. The reactor will just turn off, and then the end of the world will come.” All I can say is that his numbers don’t add up but I’d prefer to think he was joking.

photograph of the sun taken with a huge telescope show flames erupting from the surface

Ceremonies have been held all over Central America to mark the entry into the 14th Baktun. Others have taken measures in case of any catastrophe. Some performed ceremonies that have single-handedly saved the world from destruction. Some people believe Bugarach, in the French Pyrenees, is one of the few places on earth to be spared in the apocalypse. One man made a lifeboat in which to ride out the end of the world. But for many, it’s just an excuse to have another party. However, a special mention goes to the indigenous people of Guatemala who have used the entire hullabaloo to draw attention to their plight.

Mayan apocalypse: A self-styled prophet prays in Manila, PhilippinesMayan apocalypse: Men in tin foil at Bugarach, FranceGuatemalian people

For more information about the end of the world check out the end of the world website http://www.december212012.com The official twitter page for the Mayan Apocalypse has tweeted “Sorry everyone, running a bit late”, the deadline was 11:11 GMT. Maybe the apocalypse is being delivered by post.

Anyway before any of these apocalyptic scenarios come to pass there should be enough time to grab lunch.


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